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5 ways to wish Happy Teachers Day September 5, 2012

Posted by Ankit Poddar in Humor Rant.
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Yes, it has been some time since you last saw me here. And to avoid giggles, I will not be saying that you would be seeing a lot of me in coming future. I got a job that I love, and I might as well be faithful to it. Or not so much, like you care!

So, it is that time of the year when you get cringe about that black blazer you borrowed from your dad to wear (some 8 years ago) and look utterly disdainful while you troubled younger kids in school as they very well deserved. (My English teacher is surely going to cringe on the length of that sentence. Sorry, miss!)

I liked my teachers, even respected them. Not in the years of school and college, but surely after that. But then, this blog is not about being emotional, it is about being stupid. So here I present, 5 ways to wish your teacher on  Teachers Day!

5. Get them a bottle of Teachers, the finest. (This was expected to make an appearance, wasn’t it? So let me get it out of the way first)

4. Be of the opposite gender to the teacher. Get a sex change, if needed and while you are at it, you might want to touch up your face. Not sure about the teacher, but that would help me a great deal. Wear low collared tees, if you are now becoming a woman. Again, would help me a great deal.

3. Suck up. Now, you do this at your jobs and you have been trained for this. You have been molded into this form, as only experience can and you might as well use it. Remember that one mark she refused to increase in your math test, taking you from 18/20 to 19/20? Find out, if you have gotten better at begging now.

2. Brag. No, not in the manner which you usually do. Give them the due credit which they deserve to help you reach where you are today, insisting that you were always awesome but they were decently good too. If you think you are in a bad place, don’t smash their faces for this. You might use that “chewing gum near her head rest” trick. Remember?

1. Pick up a phone or search them on FB. Flood their wall posts with wishes and get your friends to like their page. They have been awesome to you, no matter how partial you felt she was. She has had a great role to play in your life, till date.

(P. S. – To all my dear teachers who have made me who I am – Thanks a bunch, will always love your love)