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Meaning of Ashes to an Indian November 28, 2010

Posted by Ankit Poddar in Cricket Rant, Humor Rant.
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Until and unless, you are a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) in Australia, The Ashes do not mean much to you, other than a Test Series of 5 matches being played in England or Down Under between two unevenly matched sides. Or so you thought!

The Ashes mean much more than that to an average Indian. I have made a list of 3 things that The Ashes means to us.

3. The Ashes are related to Haridwar and to a lot of mourning for an average Indian.

2. The Ashes are something they show in a lot of Hindi movies from Ram Lakhan to 3 Idiots, that form a major crux of the story line moving forward.

1. The Ashes are what they drank in Due Date, thinking of that as Coffee.

There are times when The Ashes might be used in a different context. However, these times are also as frequent, as they are used in the context of cricket. In these times, The Ashes might be mispronounce as Asses.

Like in the following context:

Those Assess think that they play better cricket than us. However, we showed them what are true potential is by not letting them win after the Sydney episode. Assess!

In no context, do the Ashes mean the following to Indians

3. The Ashes

2. The best cricket series involving Australia. That is called the Border Gavaskar Trophy.

1. The most important battle in cricket heritage. That is India v/s Pakistan.


5 Reasons to go for an Interview – For the Interviewee August 18, 2010

Posted by Ankit Poddar in Humor Rant, Interviewee.
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Interviews can be a bitch. If you have ever been for one, you would know that the best thing to do at an interview is skip it. The interviewer generally believes that he/she is at no loss, and you are generally sweating under your collar. Unless, you are a blogger, when giving loads of crap to non questions comes easily to you, like second nature.

So, why am I still asking you to go for an interview? Why am I putting up 5 reasons for you, to attend an interview?

Reason 1: Good Reason to buy a decent pair of formals, a tie or scarf. Who doesn’t want a good enough reason to shop, a legitimate one at that?

Reason 2: Interviews are good place to find out the limits of human endurance. Either you will break with the questions or the interviewee will break down with your answers. Any ways, it is a good way to test humanity. You can promote your Art of Living classes to the interviewer, if you win.

Reason 3: If your interview is on a Monday afternoon. The interviewer would be facing ‘Monday Blues’. You could go ahead and sing Blues for him/her and practice your gigs with out the need of a Jamming Place!

Blues for Interview

Reason 4: If you are an executive established at one of the top companies, than going for interviews may actually be healing for you. Top level executives are generally overworked by acting fools all the time, and every one knows that. Going for an interview would allow them to show their smart selves once again. That could be an act, but at least would break the monotony.

Reason 5: You might want the job, after the interview. And the interview is the only way to get that job!

Interviews are a fun thing and you shouldn’t be scared attending them really. I am going to give you many more reasons and help with regards to an interview. It doesn’t matter, if you are interviewee or an interviewer, I would try to help you all. And again, I would wish to do with my brand of humor.