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Match Fixing is a Dark Art August 30, 2010

Posted by Ankit Poddar in Cricket Rant, Humor Rant.
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And Pakistan Cricketers seem like a bunch of Slytherins. Very susceptible.

All that has been in the news since it broke out on Saturday night, is the news concerning the alleged spot fixing that involves no less than 7 Pakistani cricketers. Now, wasn’t 7 a magically powerful number? Are they just a bunch of Horcruxes then?

It is not even funny how I am able to compare Cricket, a sport I so dearly love and follow, can be compared to Harry Potter series that have been immortalized by J K Rowling.

Back in 2000, the Dark Arts came out in the public domain like never before, when Hansie Cronje broke down before the Kings Commission and those 3 days changed our world for ever. It has not even been 12 years (Time taken by Voldemort to make a reappearance in the wizard world. Oh come on now, stop whimpering, I am going to say that name aloud.) and match fixing has raised its ugly head once again, this time taking down a bunch of young Pakistani cricketers into its clutches. See, I told you, they were a bunch of Slytherins.

It is not funny that cricket started off from the same place, as HP series, in England. It is not funny that this event came to light at Lords. If Lords does not match up to Hogwarts in terms of sacrosanctness, nothing does.

What we need is Harry Potter to save us from this Dark Art. May be it is time for Daniel Vettori to show his true self.

Vettori Harry Potter Look Alike