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3 Changes in Life – Or Why my mum is a worried woman July 13, 2013

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You need a certain amount of passion, a good laptop and a lot of time to maintain a blog regularly and post every now and then. But then, I don’t have all of that. Definitely not a good laptop (Rajesh from IT, sun raha hai na tu, ro raha hun mein!). But then, I read @ofnosurnamefame and I was so floored by it, that I decided that I should be back on this page and write something.

So what has changed for me in the last 11 months? Now, that I put it up here, I realize how much I have missed writing. And while this is not an attempt to write the best comeback post, it is only an attempt to get my mojo flowing again. Yeah baby, I just wanted to use an Austin Powers, and look I have used three. Two, you point out? Oh baby, Behave!

So what has changed for me in the last 11 months?

  1. Well, for one, I didn’t write on this page. I attempted to revive All Padded Up,with a bunch of friends and all of the king’s men couldn’t put up Humpty Dumpty together again.

  2. Friends have moved on with their lives. Trying to find better jobs, better opportunities, to study or simply on their way. My job, you ask, well it couldn’t have been better. Well, it could be. It could be paying more, giving more time off, but then to tell you the truth, I love every bit of it and I wouldn’t want to exchange it for anything.

  3. Fell in love. Crazy about that somebody and excited about the possibilities that this relationship might bring. My mum is sensing changes (improvements as most women in my life would want to term it – women = mum and her) and she is worried as to what is making these changes happen. I think I will let her be worried a little more.

Well, frankly, that’s all that is to me. What about you? Let me know. Or not. I am just trying to get my mojo back, yeah baby, behave!


10 Things I did not tell you at Sunset December 17, 2010

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Alright now, we might be moving away a bit from the usual rant that you see on this site. But then I write on this site for myself really, you presence here is purely coincidental. Don’t believe me, read this. This is for you, for I am sending you the link in a mail too. Pity, you are the one of those few non-morons who do not read this site regularly, and I would need to inform you.

Sunset at Juhu Beach

Yes, this is the sunset I am talking about. This is the sunset where I should have spoken a little less. Or a little more. For there were so many things that I never told you.

10. It is really important for me to know that you are happy with me, that you are alone with me. It is really important for me that you tell me you are. No, I can not understand, but you can. Understand my need to be told.

9. I am happy.

8. I never thought that a normal walk along the beach with you could mean finding a way to peace of mind.

7. I never thought that a normal walk along the beach with you could mean developing an attitude to be able to find solutions for my issues. The ones that you know of.

6. I have fallen for you.

5. I did not know that apples could actually taste worth having.

4. I really did not know that it was sunset time, but I am glad it did. For that redness of the sun does something to your face that makes it surreal.

3. I really did not know you had the stamina to walk so much.

2. I really need to pee.

1. I am glad we met before my exams. At least, there was one day worth spending in this trimester.

Getting a Makeover! About anything and everything! August 17, 2010

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If you ever visited this blog in the past, you know how it was. At one point, I was writing for quite a few websites, each dedicated to a certain niche, and this blog was simply to direct traffic to those blogs, using WordPress’ SEO back-end. Yeah, I can be smart at times.

But on attending the IndiBlogger Mumbai Meet, I realized the importance of managing a blog that talks about anything and everything. And hence, the blog has decided to undergo a makeover. This place is soon to become my place to rant, and your place to enjoy voyeuristic pleasures. Why would you, that I do not know.

And this theme is kick – ass. There is so much I can do with this. (Please note: This is the real reason for the makeover. This theme did not go with the theme of the blog, that this used to be previously.)

So, moving on to everything and anything in life!

Introduction of Ankit Poddar’s World to Your World May 11, 2009

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Hi, I am Ankit Poddar!

And I write! And I think, and my readers agree, I write well!

I really haven’t got much to add here right now, except may be, you could ahead and check All Padded Up, and  Bored Cricket Crazy Indians for now! That if you are Cricket Buffs!

You could also follow me on twitter, @ankitspoddar

I write under my own name, Ankit Poddar, for every blog, never thought of using pseudonyms! Or should I be covering my trails, on fear of being exposed?! Let me know!

See you there then!