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About Ankit Poddar

Ankit Poddar

Ever met a sucker with no spine? Well, if no then you haven’t met with Ankit. A student of Management and Engineering, Ankit has been trained in the art of sucking dry all kinds of morons, and if you were to read his work on creative writing, he would readily be sucking you off too!

Sucker that he is, he does not mind writing for money, bringing shame to the noble profession (sic.) of writing. Assuming that the moron can string together random words in a way that he thinks is creative, he would wish to take money from you for the crap. Sucker that he is, he is actually writing this in third person.

Wish to contact Ankit Poddar and talk sense to him?! Or to appreciate his efforts in bringing about a change into the world, he so doesn’t want to?! Or just want to drop in and say a hi!

Mail him on kit.poddar@gmail.com! Or become a stalker and follow him @ankitspoddar

You may also go ahead and ask Ankit Poddar to write something for you too! He may actually be waiting for it, so go ahead and do it!



1. roh - September 3, 2009

nice writing ankit!

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