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Why should you read this blog?

There are 5 reasons for you to read this blog:

  1. If you are planning to end your life in the next 10 minutes and want to ensure you are right in ending it
  2. If somebody has paid you to read this blog
  3. If you are a part of my family or friend circle
  4. If you have a bad sense of humor
  5. If you randomly read any blog that puts its link on social media sites

If I still decide to read this blog, on my own risk, what I can find here?

There are 5 things that you will always find on this blog:

  1. Bad Humor
  2. Incorrigible Writing
  3. Horrible Metaphor
  4. Sucking up to other bloggers
  5. Abuses (written and / or implied)

Can I sue the author of this blog for bringing this blog into public domain?

No, you can not. This ‘About APWCW’ page is meant as a ‘Disclaimer‘ proclaiming that the author does not really care if any person, living or dead, is reading the blog. Any person, living or dead, found as a visitor and/or commentator on the posts on this blog is pure coincidental.



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